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🌟 Mitbringsel Magic 🌟

As we approach our second Christmas without KOURTNEY, we are embracing a new tradition. This year, let’s make Christmas extra special by planning ahead, avoiding the holiday chaos and simplifying gift-giving with Mitbringsel.

🎁 Expressing Gratitude Through Thoughtful Gifts 🎁

Whether it’s a token of appreciation for a teacher, a whimsical white elephant gift for a holiday exchange, a gracious hostess present or a “just because” surprise, our goal this holiday season is to help you discover gifts that convey your gratitude.

Join us on a heartfelt journey as we present our Mitbringsel gift ideas to make this season of giving truly memorable. Let’s spread love and joy through the power of thoughtful gifts. 🎄🎅✨


I have tried several Koko & Shae products over the past year and have been genuinely impressed with everything I've tried! All of the scents are absolutely heavenly, and as someone who has sensitivity to chemically scented products, it's so nice to be able to enjoy wonderful smells without a splitting headache or not being able to breath. The Kokonut Oil is truly a miracle product that has so many uses! It has saved my hands while working in healthcare during the pandemic. It has also been the first thing to finally soften my chronically dry feet. Also, the foaming sugar scrub just feels luxurious and leaves my body, hands, feet and face feeling so soft. Also works great as a shaving cream! I have gifted several Koko & Shae products and everyone has loved them! Would 100% recommend.


After all the alcohol cleanser and handwashing of the past year my hands are wrecked. Kokonut Oil is finally helping. I also started applying it to my new tattoo to help the healing process and it's heavenly. Much better than a 'tattoo cream'. It also smells lovely 🥰


I was just going through some AGONIZING finger splits then remembered I had your magic finger crack cream (Kokonut Oil). I put in on and they are 1000% better overnight -- thanks mate!


My clients have been giving rave reviews already about your products!  Doing things you probably don't even know they do: healing scars, clearing acne and calming the most angry eczema.  Healing comes in the wonderful ways, thanks for creating life-giving products produced through painful experiences.


I am a firm believer in shopping local, minimizing when possible and supporting women in business. I am also fairly fussy about the products I use so when I find a product I love, I am loyal. I was so happy to be asked to try your products and have now become a customer.

My favorite Koko and Shae product is the Kokonut Oil. I use it in place of several products... as a shave oil it is luxurious, after shower moisture maintainer, and my newest discovery is as a hair oil. Just a spritz on my hands, rubbed into the ends of my hair prior to blow drying: it controls the fly-aways, protects my hair from the heat and the end result is so light and soft. PS also a fan of the lemon deodorant!! I cant wait to see what products are coming next. The Koko and Shae story is as amazing as the products.


We have so much to be thankful for and one of the things we are thankful for is you. Not only are your products fantastic but you. have an amazing loving family that glorifies Jesus even in the toughest circumstances. My wife LOVES your deodorant and prays for you every time she uses it. We want to order some for our family too! . . . God bless all of you!


Shaebay Spray has an AMAZING scent and is so refreshing!  My house has never smelled so great!


I swear by Sharbalz Deodorant.  It is aluminum-free and leaves me smelling great all day!


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