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How we got started!

As 2020 is upon us I have been doing a lot of praying pondering, planning.  I am turning 50 and I have been thinking of the best way to bring in this new decade of life. I have thought about an instagram account about turning 50 but decided that I am not that interesting. Being a shift worker, added with the unpredictable behaviour of Kourtney’s health makes it difficult for me to commit to many extracurricular activities. In my heart I have felt unsettled in the stage of life.

Since November Kourtney has had a ton of pain in her knees. Her pain doctor retired in the summer. We sadly realized there is not a lot of expertise or comfortability for medical staff in prescribing pain medication. So we went through a vicious cycle of controlling her pain that had Kourtney sleeping most of the day. I spent most of those days sitting with her while she slept. Every year I make Christmas gifts. I went into full pom pom, and macrame mode. It was so satisfying!! Then my sister Sharon inspired me to make a natural spray to add to the gifts I knew it was a hit when Shae and her boyfriend Ethan swiped it for their cars.

Seeing Kourtney in such a state has been depressing to say the least. OF course our biggest fear was that cancer was going to found again.  I could feel the “cloud” appearing over my head and I was going down with her. Both Kourtney and I needed inspiration to get through this. On December 26th I had to go off work due to a neck injury. Needless to say Kourtney and became a fun pair over the holiday season. My thoughts were how to make Kourtney feel better. We tried antibiotics but she had a bad reaction and caused more blistering on her already broken down skin.

The pain in her knees was so bad that even the pressure of cream or coconut oil caused her to shudder with pain. Although the coconut oil is healing and feels good on Kourtney’s skin she hates the smell. Its’ a known fact that pain heightens one’s sense of smell so it is extra important that scents are “Kourtney approved” before putting it on her. I went into mixing mode and made a coconut based spray that was soothing for Kourtney but also was pleasing to her senses. It smelled so good I started using it on my hands as a soothing spray. Little did we know that it would become a kickstart to this new business venture.

After the holidays we went and saw Dr. C. in Vancouver. We showed him her knees and wasn’t too worried about them. He creatively adjusted her pain medication which seems to be working. As i redressed Kourtney’s knees I used the “KOKOnut” spray on her knees. WE didn’t realize it but we drew a crowd into the room. People were saying how good it smelled in the room. ( just remember we removed dressings that don’t always smell so good). Everyone from doctors occupational therapists and clerical staff were wanting me to bring some in for our next visit!!!! Kourtney and I both acknowledged that perhaps there may potential not just for business opportunity but to help other EB families as well.

So let me introduce you to KOKO & SHAE!!! “making scents out of suffering”