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'Tropical Collection'

'Tropical Collection'

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We have taken your favourite products and transformed them into tropical scents.  We have captured the scents of our favourite destination, Hawaii. From the familiar scent of Pineapple to the unassuming scent of Plumeria - a symbol of new beginnings. 

These products can be used together to bring you the best daily skin care.


Tropical collection includes:

Perfect Spray- Coconut Scented 

Shaebay Spray- Pina Colada Scented

Hope- Plumeria / Citrus perfume mist

Kokonut Oil- Pineapple Scented


Collection Size 

Small- Perfect Spray (100 ml), Shaebay Spray (30ml), Hope (60 ml), (Kokonut Oil (30 ml)

Large- Perfect Spray (100 ml), Shaebay Spray (100ml), Hope (60 ml), (Kokonut Oil (100 ml)